FAQ – Irrigation, Drainage, and More

Q: How am I going to be saving money by choosing Mackenzie Landscape for my commercial or residential lawn?

A: Implementing a Mackenzie Landscape Gardening Synthetic Turf System is an investment that supports substantial maintenance and irrigation savings over an extended period of time.

With a product life expectancy beyond 20 years, a Synthetic Turf System adds a significant value to your pocket and your environment. You’ll find that our synthetic surfaces pay for itself sooner than you think.

Q: I have several dogs that do their business outside; will they damage or destroy the turf?

A: No, the burned or destroyed area you are accustomed to seeing with natural sod will not be the case with synthetic turf. Our artificial turf system will stand up to even the toughest pets. You will not have to worry about odors or mildew buildup from your pets’ daily routine. You can simply rinse off your area in question and enjoy a long lasting, plush, green synthetic lawn for years and years.

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